Making Treasured Memories - Finding The Best Wedding Band


A wedding is a joyous occasion. It is a day when both the ceremony and the reception come together to make a perfect whole - just as the union between bride and groom should wet the scene for joy in the coming years. However - there are a lot of moving parts that have to be taken into account when planning for the wedding - and it all has to be done within a strict budget.

There is a search for that perfect venue. A venue which will deliver a superior experience for all the guests - and provide professionals who will assist in making that special day that much more enjoyable for all the parties involved. there might be caterers to arrange and menus to select. There is equipment hire to consider and the unenviable task of assigning seats. There is a wedding cake to order. There simply do not seem to be enough hours in the day when planning a wedding.

Then there is the choice of wedding band. For the uninitiated, it may seem that all wedding bands are created equal - but that is not the case. Make the wrong choice and one of the key elements to making a reception a success - and fun for all involved may simply not come to the (literal) party.

So what should you be taking into account when selecting your wedding band? You can find some the best on websites such as Here are some things to consider.

The simplest approach to finding a wedding band that will appeal to the widest possible audience is to find a band that has a great selection of songs. Anything from the usual suspects as far as rock and roll, pop and current chart-topping tunes will usually do the trick. however - what happens if you are after a specific genre of music - say for instance indie rock or even reggae (for that perfect beach wedding soundtrack). A great way to judge whether the band's repertoire will match your unique demands is to take a look at the testimonials on their website. Many of the bands will have promotional videos on-site - take a look at these - it'll soon become apparent just where on the musical spectrum they fall. Failing that - give them a call and discuss your specific tastes and whether they can meet your brief.

Space is an issue - as is cost. These are some of the factors that will play a part in helping you decide about the size of the band that would best suit your needs. It is, however, worth noting that many bands actually provide exceptional value for money by having a bit of a split personality. The larger bands will have some members warm things up with some gentle acoustic numbers and then be replaced (or supplemented) by other members who will up the tempo with numbers that get those feet on the dance floor. Your budget, space restrictions and unique taste will be your guide as to which type of band (and the size of that band) will best suit your requirements.

For many people hiring a wedding band can be intimidating. Many think that their musical knowledge is lacking and therefore they may be reluctant to approach the band (or band leader) with specific requests or even identify the style of music they would prefer to hear on the night. There's an easy way to judge whether you will enjoy the band. Listen carefully to the lead singers voice (those promo videos will come in handy again). A lead singer with a great voice will carry a band - and is the primary reason behind a band's popularity. A professional band only needs some pointers and they will be able to fill in the gaps and provide the correct atmosphere.

Some people may prefer an all-male band - while others will prefer the ladies to take the stage. There are those who actually don't mind the sex of the band members - as long as the band is professional and delivers the goods. Does the sex of the band members really matter? It shouldn't - a professional all-male band and the lead singer will be able to belt out songs by female artists with the greatest of ease - and sound good doing it.

If your tastes are pretty narrow -and there's nothing wrong with that or you want to listen to the greatest hits from a particular artist then you might consider hiring a tribute band. However, take into account the tastes of the guests. there will be varying age groups present and each person has their own idea of what makes a great tune. Sometimes the middle of the road 'Jack of all Trades' band offers the best value - and compromise.

The key to finding the perfect wedding band is to do some research. View their past work and if necessary speak to them. You will soon find that band that suits your needs perfectly. Once that is out of the way, write down a hitlist, get the cake done, finalise the decor and catering - and prepare for your big day.